Annual Business Innovation Award. 2019 -

May 2017. Business Innovation Award Winners 2017.


Kate Carter is pictured above receiving her trophy for winning the Annual Business Competition.

Also pictured are Joseph O’Connor and Jamie Pim, (Joint runners-up), Philip Robinson (Judge), Caitlin Grant, (Joint runners-up),   Eileen Corcoran Head of Business and Mr Woods, Principal.

Kate won for her Business, Kate Cater Make-up. What is unusual about this entry is the fact that she has the business up and running and it is proving very successful.

Joseph O’Connor and Jamie Pim, (Joint runners-up) came up with the idea of a café on the Wicklow way route between Marley Park and Knockree Hostel. Jamie lives very close to a section of the walk and saw the possibility of setting up a café.  He has been encouraged to start it this summer.

Caitlin Grant, also joint runner-up came up with a business idea called ‘Reboot Camp’. The idea is to have an outdoor activities camp for 16/17/18 year olds over the summer holidays.  She did a tremendous amount of work for the project.

Special thanks must go to Philip Robinson for judging the competition once again this year. He met all groups over 10 hours and put them all through their paces. Also a special mention to Eileen Corcoran, who is retiring this year from Wesley College.  She has a huge amount of work as Head of Department and teacher.  We all wish her the very best in the future.

January 2017 competition begins.

The 5th year Business pupils are starting on their projects and have to have their 1st draft of the business project in for 10th February.  Philip Robinson has kindly agreed to help out in adjudicating the competition this year.  We await their projects with interest.


Business Innovation Award winners 2016

This year’s competition was won by Robert Van Breda,Ruthann Ahmed and Cian Buckley  for their new school App.  Philip Robinson kindly adjudicated  on the competition for us once again.  Here he is below presenting the 3 winners with their trophy.


Below are some of the entries for the competition that Philip Robinson adjudicated upon.

1  A sales generation service which finds sales leads for start-up businesses in the greater Dublin area who are struggling to find sales. Also works finding leads for hotels with low occupancy rates. No win, no fee system, where the sales leads gathered are guaranteed to be of use to the client, or no pay is necessary.

Ross Collie, 5th Year pupil.

2   A website that people can use to post about their skin problems and get help by posting photos and asking questions from dermatologists for cheaper than going to the dermatologist.

3   Smartway Business name: Smartway Students: Ruthann, Robert and Cian This is a phone app that is personalised by the students to their needs and wants, with full user control. The app is sold to school who then give access to their students.

4  Find my war hero

An app based database which links you to a forum of particular divisions, battalions, regiments and platoons. You search these by looking up the name of the soldier you are searching in the search bar and you are linked to a forum to where that soldier is known to be deployed and his unit. It is a pay to upload app and once online, you can upload information you know about the unit’s action,  photos you may have or stories you know about their action.

Kyle Douglas Shane Bryan 5th Year pupils.

Our idea is a calorie counting app.

Our target market would be people who are trying to diet whether or not that’s to lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight but for now we will focus on women lolling to lose weight and watch their diet so that we can improve on the app in the future.You would set a goal of how much weight you want to lose or gain and enter your height, age and current weight so that it knows your body type, it could then set a goal of how many calories you should try to eat a day. There will also be a section were you enter the amount of exercise and what types of exercise you have done. This will tell you how many calories you have burned off.We could then add a homepage for users to share their results with others and share recipes.

How it would work.

The user would enter the food they are eating or scan it on their phone camera and the nutritional information would show up on the screen ie. Energy, fat, carbohydrates, protein, calories and the ingredients etc… As it would be impossible to put every single food and drinks information into the app we would leave it to the users to add it in so it will be there on the database for others to use. 

Alex Chooi, Daniel Ellison, William Hayden. 5th Year pupils.

6  Our idea is based around the convenience of the food market.

We deliver portioned, fresh ingredients for easy home cooking. Out target market is family. Post interview with Mr.Robinson we were given tips and ideas on how to logistically run the back office of our project (issues concerning delivering times and pre portioning)

Signed Josh Croly, Marko Nazarov & Christopher Tebbs. 5th Year pupils.

7  Our idea is a sports management app called ClubHub.

Our app is similar to the sports management system Teamer, which has utilities for coaches such as Match locations and Team Selections. But, our app idea has more helpful and unique specs such as Specific Layouts for the groups needs e.g. Football and hockey formations An instant messenger “group chat” for coaches and players to talk. Playbook to allow players to look over set moves e.g. Short corners, lineouts, backs moves. Player profiles with info on season stats e.g minutes played, goals scored, tackles made. Albums for recent game photos. Coach reviews at end of games with individual player ratings. Side pop-up menu to make this all easily accessible. We’d price this at €25 per team for a yearly subscription and we aim this app mainly at school teams (10-50 players)

Alex Barlow  Andrew Egan  Tj Malone  David Motyer. 5th Year pupils.

8 Our name is: Study Buddy

Our idea is an app that eradicates the distraction and temptation to go on your phone during study. The app is installed and set up, you enter 3 emergency contacts to use if necessary and after that you put the length of study time you want to do. It can be no more than 2 hours. The app makes your phone unable to do anything, cannot receive or make calls or texts and will only turn back on after the time you put in that you want to study is over.



November 2015

Business Innovation Award Update. 

Mr Robinson  met with all the 5th year Business pupils for 20 mins on Monday 9th November 2015 to mentor them on the business ideas. He was really impressed by the range of ideas and the way in which they engaged with him in their interview. He has given up a lot of   his time to speak to the groups and we would like to thank him very much for his great work in encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Some of the ideas will be posted up here shortly.

September 2015

Launch of the Business Innovation Award 2015-16.

Philip Robinson has yet again offered his help in a re-vamped competition this year.  He has offered to mentor the groups entering the competition as part of their Christmas exam on an on going basis throughout October and November.  He launched the competition during the week with Mrs Downer’s and Mr Delany’s Business classes.  Pupils in groups of 3 will be asked to present their business idea to him and will offer advice on how best to improve their idea in a more realistic and profitable idea.  Philip has many years success in business with many companies and we are very fortunate to have his help this year once again.

 November 2015

The Business Innovation award is a great opportunity for 5th and 6th year students studying Business, Economics and Accounting to put their entrepreneurial abilities into practice while learning valuable new skills involved in setting up and running a successful business. Students who wish to enter must prepare and research a specific business idea for selling a product or service. Students are required to prepare a comprehensive business plan and present it to an external adjudicator. The competition tests the student’s ability to carry out market research, feasibility studies and cash flow forecasts and in general the ability to turn an idea into a profit-making business. BIA finalists (1)





Last years finalists were Ryan Shirley, Olga Golub, Daniel McAuley and Luke Campion.  Here they are photographed with Mr Robinson and Mr Woods.


 Business Innovation Award 2014-15. The winners article.

For anyone studying Business, Accounting or Economics in 5th or 6th year, we would highly recommend entering the Business Innovation Award. Each student is tasked with coming up with an idea and turning it into a comprehensive and detailed business plan. It is a great opportunity for students who are interested in business to utilise the skills which they acquire in class. It examines a student’s ability to perform market research, feasibility studies, cash flow forecasts and the ability to turn an idea into a profitable business.   Mr Philip Robinson, the competition adjudicator, initially came to talk to all the business students regarding their business ideas. He then spent time with each individual or group of students discussing their proposed business plans. He pointed out the flaws in our plan and suggested improvements that we could make. It gave us a great insight into how businesses structure their business plans and how we could improve our own plan. After a number of weeks, we met with Mr Robinson again.  This time however, he would be adjudicating our presentation.


owen and ryan with mr robinson


By the end of the competition, there were three business presentations.   Daniel McCauley and Luke Campion with their online investment website business I&E, Olga Golub with her mobile phone app for recording memories, Memory Jar and our website design business, Shirley Clarke ( Our business idea was to design and develop websites for small and medium sized business at a lower cost than the competition.  We develop WordPress websites that allow any business owner to change their website information quickly and easily through desktop or mobile phone. Initially this was our business idea for the Student Enterprise Awards and we were encouraged to continue with our business when we came first place in the senior category at the Christmas Market Day. The websites we design are responsive to fit any screen size and all our websites can be integrated with social media such as Twitter. After winning the Business Innovation award, we intend to continue to develop and grow our business further. We would like to thank Mrs Corcoran for organising the competition and allowing students to develop their ideas and business skills. We would also like to thank Mr Robinson for his time and advice.  Finally we would also like to thank the Wesley PTA for their sponsorship of the award. If any students are interested in running and developing their own business, we believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to advance and evolve their business and report writing skills.   Owen Clarke, Ryan Shirley.

2013-14 Winner Aisling Dooley


This year’s competition was overseen by Mr Philip Robinson who took on a mentoring role for all participants.  There were many excellent ideas, with many in the technology area of Apps. Vanessa Greenlee developed an APP to help locate your car, Michael Dover developed  a GPS person locator, Sam Parker and Andrew Keane developed a language translator App for people on the go, while Ellie Lee, Selma Ripma and Ali Lynam developed a more personalised App for vouchers. The eventual winner was Aisling Dooley who wrote a Business Plan called Party Treats. The business idea is to produce and sell party boxes for children’s parties. Included in the box would be fun items for kids to do at parties, like mask making and painting. The detail of the plan was outstanding and the work that went into it made her an obvious winner. Congratulations to all those who took part. BIA Information sheet Entry Form