Student Enterprise

This month is fever pitch time for the participants in the student enterprise Day. With over 135 pupils entering and 75 stands in total this is easily our biggest market day ever.  It is important that all pupils prepare for the day properly as the judges will be selecting winners that will enter the knock out phase in January.  It will be important to have plenty of products with you and to then display them in the best manner possible.


Below are some photos from the day and a huge congratulation to all who participated. There were a lot of exciting and new ideas and large profits made for all pupils.  A huge thank you to the 5 judges, Mrs Power, Mrs Maher, Mr Downer, Ms Walsh and Ms Hickey for volunteering to talk to all the pupils on the day.  They went through each business proposal and have short listed teams for the final judging.   The winners will be announced in early January.

Jordan Laird
Members of the Mini Company selling their Reindeer and Snowmen
Pupils are preparing their stalls before the big opening time at 11.05 am .  All reasonably calm!!!!!

Mini Company

The 1st TYO Mini Company of the year wound up its business activities at the end of December.  After a busy set of small enterprises have closed, the accountant Tim Elliot has now to tot up all the figures and see what profit was made.  The company split itself up into 5 different businesses led by Ewan Walsh, Fionn Marriott, Jack Keating, Tom Dunne, Jack Smalley and Hannah McGrane.  The Business activities included:


Car washing,

An ironing service,

A toastie making business,

Selling fire extinguishers,

Making Christmas snowmen and reindeer,

Making and selling ice cream,

Making and selling wooden candle holders

and finally packing and selling firewood.


It was a busy time for all the employees and we hope they made some money too!