February News 2017

The Annual OMD work experience came to the Shaw Auditorium on the 13th February.  6 teams of 24 pupils fought out to be this year’s winners of the competition.  ‘Just Eat’ asked the 6 groups to come up with a marketing campaign for their business.

ty3Conor Murtagh in full flow, explainging his team’s marketing ideas.
ty5Another group handing out vouchers for audience participation.


Each group is briefed by the client on Monday morning and then asked to develop a marketing campaign for the company.  They have to come up with TV commercials and radio Ads.  In addition the pupils show their understanding of social media and the power it has over young buyers in the market place.  After a week’s long work they present to the client, OMD, parents and pupils from form 5, their plans.  This year’s groups made excellent presentations and did themselves proud.


Business Innovation Award 2017


Businessman Philip Robinson has kindly taken away the business project ideas for tis year’s competition and will be back in school in March to talk to the 25 entries there are for the competition. He will mentor each group before they prepare their final business project.  It is 25% of their business summer exams.  1 pupil has stolen a march on the class by entering her idea into the Griffith College Marketing competition and we wish her the best of luck in it.